Unique Features

The main features of Shopsys B2B Commerce Cloud are divided into 3 categories - shopping features, account features and orders & settings features.

Multiple payment and delivery options

  • Wide selection of online and offline payment methods (Purchase orders, NET 30,/60/ 90, checks, credit/debit card).
  • Procurement punchout integrations.
  • Payment and delivery differentiation based on branches, locations, legislations.

Multi-warehouse stock availability information

  • Multiple warehouses and stocks management.
  • Separate product and quantity display for different stocks/warehouses.

Conversion rates booster

  • Self-learning processes which make orders faster by predicting customer’s choices in the whole shopping cycle.
  • Significantly increases conversion rates in the checkout process, which is usually the biggest bottleneck.

Smart product recommendations

  • Similar or related products are recommended to your customers during their buyers’ journey - based on their shopping behavior and/or patterns in similar customers’ behaviors.
  • Recommendations can be also based on your priorities - margin-based, stock-based or others.
  • Based on AI & machine learning state-of-the-art algorithms.

Sales representative accounts

  • Account auto-assign to a sales representative via CRM or Admin Panel
  • Online and offline total sales history per account.
  • Up-to-date accurate product data and pricing.

Progressive web application

  • PWA provides super fast content loading and displaying thanks to its architecture design and the cache on user’s side.You never lose customers orders.
  • PWA allows offline processing of your orders when the internet connection is lost and sending it when the connection is restored.
  • You can achieve multi channel application with one technology even with App-like interface and smartphone icon on user’s screen.


Shopping features

Accounts features

Orders and settings

  • Fast and well-arranged product listing
  • Scalable product search and quick ordering
  • Access login & limited information
  • Registration workflow
  • User- shared shopping carts & export options
  • Multi-warehouse stock availability information
  • Customer-specific delivery time
  • Custom pricing per group, profile, specific account
  • Minimum/maximum quantity and packages settings
  • B2C sales
  • Delivery notes, Credit notes, Invoices
  • Online claims and complaints management
  • Sales representatives for a specific customer
  • Document exchange among corporate accounts and complex decision making processes
  • Access control, roles and permissions
  • Delivery to multiple preset locations
  • Quick Orders, Bulk Orders, and Reorders
  • Specific payment and delivery terms for each customer
  • Multi-language, multi-currency and multi-country support
  • Advance Administration Permissions

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